GTO CP3 connection problem via COM port in Windows 10

Henry Kwok

Hi Ray (or anyone else who can help):

Since I have upgraded to Windows 10 (from Windows 7) I have a problem connecting to the mount via COM port using ASCOM.
Basically the first attempt at connecting to the mount after a fresh boot up of the machine will always fail.
However, if I try again the second time it will work.

For example, I normally start APJog, then click connect. It will launch the mount ASCOM driver window, but it will fail to detect the mount.
To solve the problem I will have to click connect again (which does nothing), then click disconnect (so to close the mount driver window), then click connect again and then everything will work fine from there.

I have also tried to connect to the mount from Voyager - and I see the same problem (i.e. first attempt at connecting to the mount after a fresh boot will fail).

This is a fatal issue, but more a nuisance.

I have noticed this problem since upgrading to Windows 10. Windows device manager does not report any error.

BTW, Voyager always run in administrator mode. I have set APJog to run as administrator as well, because if I don't and try to run Voyager after APJog the mount will not connect.

Is there some setting I am missing?


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