Re: Keypad Upgrade for Using Mach2

Terri Zittritsch

For new A-P mount owners/users like me it would be interesting to understand your flow, using the keypad plus software and why.   I've only just recently understood that the keypad/hand controller can co-exist with a computer on the GTOCP5 controller.      I've also giddily found that I might be able to use sky safari along with APCC even though Sky Safari isn't on the windows platform.
I've finished consuming the APCC-Pro, Mach-5, V2 manuals (The apcc-pro is a beast) and have started things like horizon and meridian modeling (things I can do without clear skies).       I'll have a hand controller, and use SGPro and well as one of my planetarium programs.. (sky safari is my favorite).    I currently use SGPro for all image sequencing, target centering and focusing and phd2 for guiding.


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