Re: SkySafari 6 connect to CP3


There is no # after the $$$.  SkySafari from my android phone sends $$$:V# when I connect to an Astro-Physics mount.
I changed the mount to Classic Meade LX200 and the $$$ is sent but then SkySafari just starts querying for RA and DEC.  This works with the AP CP3. 
I talked to someone who also uses SkySafari on an AP CP3 and he had to switch Bluetooth adapters to get it to work.  I don't have the bluetooth he does.  I believe if there is a slight delay between the $$$ and :V# the CP3 will work.

I have a serial test program that I wrote and if I send $$$:V# the CP3 does not respond.
Why is $$$ being sent is beyond me.  Just another case of a programmer not knowing how something really works.

Anyway I got it to work using the telescope set to Classic Meade LX200.


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