Re: PHD2 versus ASCOM driver

Terri Zittritsch

On Tue, Mar 10, 2020 at 02:51 AM, Wayne Hixson wrote:
Thanks Roland. Of your suggestions, I’ll I’ve done so far is add a 1500 ms delay between 3 second exposures and getting the best guiding I’ve ever seen by far as I am live stacking M94 in SharpCap.  About 0.5” RMS over at least an hour with only occasional tiny corrections. 0.32” RA and 0.34” Dec.  OAG with an Ultrastar binned 2x2, 130GTX with field flattener, or 871 mm fl. Love it!
PS I used the Polemaster about 4 hours ago and just checked, the little green Pole square is still overlapping the red axis target circle by about 33%. 
Enjoy your time in Hawaii and I am looking forwards to using the keypad for modeling!
Congratulations Wayne, this is great news!   I can't wait to try the updated settings.  I've never done the delay between pulses either, but it certainly makes sense.

Thanks to Roland for the guiding education, maybe I can finally stop overdosing myself when at the telescope now (smile).


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