Re: Mach 1 Question

Woody Schlom



I don’t know the size of the 1100 CW’s, but I got the larger shaft for my Mach1.  I think it’s about 1 ¾” diameter.  The only other thing you might need is the endcap – if the shaft doesn’t already come with it.


I believe the optional larger shaft is shorter than the standard Mach1 shaft.  But of course the larger CW’s are much larger and heavier too.  And for guiding, you want a short shaft anyway.




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Sent: Monday, March 9, 2020 5:43 PM
Subject: [ap-gto] Mach 1 Question


Hey all,


Just picked up a used Mach 1 mount to take place of my Paramount MyT I had as my second mount. Nothing against the MyT, I just like my A-P mounts better. Anyhow, I want to be able to use the existing counterweights I have for my 1100. In this case do I just need the bigger bar, and nothing more -- or do I need to replace something else as well?


Looking forward to getting this lovely used mount out for a fresh curve and some good imaging nights with the iDK. One more question would a 10" iDK weighing in at about 45-50 pounds fully loaded be fine on the Mach 1? Its a pretty compact scope, so I would think so -- but it doesnt hurt to ask.



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