Mach1 Unable to Find Home Position Suddenly

Mikko Viljamaa

Top of the Morning to all,

I have recently started to have an issue where the mount misses it's normal park-3 position and "over slews" it in both directions. Sometimes as much as an inch (mostly Ra) from the white line. I've tried everything, move it back to correct position with clutches loose, manually without loosing the clutches, with power on and off. Yesterday I was able to make it return correctly once but after the night's session this morning it had parked itself again about an inch off. The coordinates (90/360) and the time at AP V2 seem to be correct, the program I use is SG Pro although I doubt it makes any difference here. The driver is the latest from AP's site.

Any ideas what to try next and as it's been a while when something like this has happened to me, what's the correct procedure to fix this?



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