Re: Keypad Upgrade for Using Mach2

Dominique Durand

Hi, Majr, Rolando,
Thank you for this information. So I'm not going to hope for the long-awaited package this week.
Far from my observatory with my 1st Mach1 (2011) I work with the Keypad and Skysafari by SkyFI3.
In my observatory when I still had my 2nd Mach1 (2018) (sold since November) I sometimes used only the keypad (with skysafari) for visual sessions, but also often APCC standard and driver in particular for photo sessions . I have already upgraded my keypap to pass them in version 4.19.3, that does not concern me to redo it with a new keypad and I have already installed the latest Driver (5.30.08) and the latest version of APCC -Standard while waiting to benefit from the APCC-Pro version.
So depending on the situation I could either receive the Mach2 alone, or with a new keypad (Name buttons) with the sotfware 4.19.3, or all together.
If it is a few days or a week I prefer to wait until it is Mach2 + Keypad with new software.
If there are several weeks of waiting between Mach2 and Keypad, then I think the Mach2 alone will be suitable for me and the Keypad after. I am no longer a young child and the passing nights will be difficult to catch up with.
In the meantime I translate the manuals into French .... After APCC and that of Mach1, I almost finished that of Driver version 5.30.07 ...
I wish I could start the Mach2 story to make me wait.



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