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W Hilmo

I second the suggestion.   Even better, try to power it from a fully charged 12v battery.


I had a Pyramid 20 amp power supply fail on me.  This was as Oregon Star Party, and I was running the power supply from my motorhome’s AC inverter.  The power supply went “click” and started buzzing.  At that moment, I had a bunch of equipment fail all at the same time.  I always run with a power meter inline, and it showed that the power supply was putting out 20v.  That was enough to shut down a bunch of gear.  I switched out the Pyramid and went to straight 12v from a spare set of batteries.  Fortunately, there was no permanent damage (except for the power supply), and I was able to get everything up and running again.


Since then, I’ve switched from Pyramid to a 30 amp PowerWerx power supply.  It is much smaller than the Pyramid, and runs *much* cooler than the Pyramid ever did.  I’ve also stopped using any kind of AC power when I’m out in the field.  The observatory tent gets its own pair of 75 amp hour AGM batteries in parallel, along with 300 watts of solar charging.  And I always run a buck-boost converter between the batteries and the astro gear to keep the voltage regulated at 13.5 volts.


One other suggestion as I think about it, if the mount looks like it’s getting no power at all, check out the center pin on the power socket in the CPx on the mount.  If I remember right, the pin has a slot in it.  If that slot has become compressed, it can cause a faulty connection.  In that case, take a small, slotted screwdriver and gently widen the slot in the center pin.


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Even if that power supply has worked in the past, try a different one.  I’ve had one Pyramid not only die on me, but almost take a couple of other pieces of equipment with it.  Smoke suddenly coming out of a 12v video monitor was the first clue something was wrong. 


And when I did a simple test of the PS with a volt meter, it tested fine.  But it wasn’t.  Never did figure out what the problem was with that PS.  But everything worked (and still works to this day) with other power supplies.  So that one is gone now.  And I’ve also retired my other older Pyramid to emergency spare status.




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Unplug the power cable, from the box and blow on it, and plug it back in. 🙂 


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The person who bought my Mach1 is having trouble. He’s using a Pyramid power supply that has worked before. He set up today but the CP4 light isn’t coming on and the Hand Controller doesn’t start. Looking for troubleshooting tips


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