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We hope to finish up the keypad program soon so that they can ship with the mounts. If your mount is ready before the keypad program is complete, our office staff will give you the option of waiting for it or not.


The weather was cloudy in IL and did not allow testing of the new modeling functions, so we escaped to our observatory in HI. Roland has had a few clear nights so far and we hope to have a few more next week.


Meanwhile, our staff at AP is continuing assembly and testing of Mach2s that will ship after our return once Roland has reviewed them.


As the first owners receive their mounts and begin using them, we will update our manuals based on any questions that they have so that later recipients have the benefit of their experiences. Many thanks to Terri and Wayne so far.


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Subject: [ap-gto] Keypad Upgrade for Using Mach2


Reading the recent posts about new Mach2 owners and the APCC software has me wondering how things are going with the hand paddle software upgrade.

My plan is to use the new Mach2 like I have been doing with the 900 --> use the hand paddle for mount initialization (and other things also) and then connect The Sky X, Sequence Generator Pro and PHD2 to the mount using the AP ASCOM driver.

Then I can slowly incorporate the features of APCC into the process.


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