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Roland Christen

I polar aligned as close as I ever do with polemaster
1) Polemaster does not necessarily insure good polar alignment. Only drift alignment can reduce drift.
2) Having perfect polar alignment does not insure zero drift due to atmospheric refraction
3) doing a drift alignment can produce zero drift for both RA and Dec if you use the right method, but this zero drift will only occur in the area around the zenith. In other parts of the sky the stars do not move at sidereal rate, and will also drift slowly in Dec. This is fundamental, and no amount of polar alignment will prevent drift.
4) In our new keypad software we have added the King rate which reduces the RA drift in those parts of the sky where the sidereal rate is incorrect, however the King rate does not address Dec drift. We have modeling software in the new keypad which can be used to compensate for drift in both axes, and can allow unguided imaging. You can also go full model with APCC Pro, but I would recommend using that for permanent setups where you can spend some time getting a really good all-sky model.
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Hi Ray, thank you for your very fast responses.    So if I might ask another follow-on:   If I install APCC, and call the telescope from either CDC or SGPro, does it call APCC then versus the V2 driver directly?    Your comment about RA rate correction intrigues me.  I didn't realize I needed APCC to be running to get good results.   I've kept my logs from last night, but it wasn't entirely what I expected.   I polar aligned as close as I ever do with polemaster, and put the PHD2 settings so I wouldn't chase-the-seeing as they say.  I did turn off guiding at one point and ran the phd tool to evaluate drift.  There was more than I expected on RA.   Is this because I'm not running APCC?     Here is where my lack of experience with AP products fails me.   
Maybe I need to bite the bullet and install APCC.


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