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Joseph Beyer


The software is straight forward to setup and APPM gives you the option to choose one of the standard point models or modify your model as needed for your particular needs in particular sky exposures in all directions.  You can also increase or decrease the density of modeling points depending on your needs.  It's impressive software.  I created my model offline during the day which only took a couple minutes then when I got everything setup and polar aligned opened APPM and ran the model.  I use SGP/Platesolve2 to provide APPM with the data and it took about 40 minutes for 51 points.  My system may run a bit slower than some but starting early in the evening I was able to begin imaging at the same time or earlier than I did before building the model.   

I don't use plate solving anymore as the pointing is very accurate.  Someone posted that their go-tos weren't spot on and it was pointed out that sky maps often don't place some objects, particularly nebulous ones, in the center of the field.  If you look at a plate solved object on Astrobin or whatever source, choose a star or point you'd like to be directly in the center.  Pick that in CdC and slew to it - it'll be centered nearly perfectly. 

The other features of APCC - meridian limits, horizon limits, etc. are definitely worth using as well.  The ability to slew to an object in the east and start imaging with the counterweights in an "up" position makes meridian flips a thing of the past.

Have fun, it sounds like an amazing new mount.


On Sun, Mar 8, 2020 at 12:24 PM Terri Zittritsch <theresamarie11@...> wrote:
Thanks Joe, I'll look at it.  I guess I'm not clear on how long it takes to create a model.  I thought this a long process.  If it's just a few points, then that sounds just like I do already with blind solve or two, and then plate solving targets.   Do you use a solver for your model?


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