Re: Notified!😍 #mach2gto #Mach2GTO

Terri Zittritsch

Hi Ray, thank you for your very fast responses.    So if I might ask another follow-on:   If I install APCC, and call the telescope from either CDC or SGPro, does it call APCC then versus the V2 driver directly?    Your comment about RA rate correction intrigues me.  I didn't realize I needed APCC to be running to get good results.   I've kept my logs from last night, but it wasn't entirely what I expected.   I polar aligned as close as I ever do with polemaster, and put the PHD2 settings so I wouldn't chase-the-seeing as they say.  I did turn off guiding at one point and ran the phd tool to evaluate drift.  There was more than I expected on RA.   Is this because I'm not running APCC?     Here is where my lack of experience with AP products fails me.   
Maybe I need to bite the bullet and install APCC.


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