Re: Notified

Terri Zittritsch

Hi Wayne, thanks
You will enjoy the polemaster.    I used mine last night.   You can use it as soon as the lowest gain settings allow you to see polaris and at least one of the surrounding stars that it uses.   I've seen the AP RAPAS  finder view which seems very similar, although much finer detailed, than an 80's 2080 LX5 polar scope I had. It came with a paper wheel which decoded where to find polaris on the finder.    I always liked that, not sure why they discontinued it on newer models.    If I didn't already have a polemaster I'd probably have purchased the RAPAS.

Thanks on the daytime polar alignment.   I'll have to see if it'll work good enough for solar imaging.. On my atlas, the only way for me to do this was to mark places on my drive, after getting good polar align in the evening,  that I could bring the mount back to during the day.    I use those little 3-wheel dollies to move the whole setup around.


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