Re: Notified!😍 #mach2gto #Mach2GTO

Terri Zittritsch

Hi Ray, I did find this.. and have read some of the setup information.  It wasn't a poke, it was just me articulating (maybe poorly) that I need to educate myself and figure out what I can make use of for a portable setup.   But first I need to get familiar with the rest of the mount.. and the V2 driver.   

One question I did have.  Is on the installation of APCC after I've already installed the V2 driver.    It seems the V2 driver com port get updated to a virtual port, is this because the APCC program now gets the 'real port', e.g. from an hardware RS232 connection, and then the the virtual ports are used to communicate between the V2, APCC, and APCC to other programs and all communications back to the computer flow through APCC?     Just trying to understand what I'm doing when I install the APCC.    And then once APCC is installed, does the V2 driver port need to be changed if I start something like Cartes du Ciel and connect the telescope which will not use APCC?       If there is a better way to ask such things, please point me.   Probably should create a new thread at a minimum..



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