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Wayne Hixson

Good morning Terri!

Good idea on sharing. My email is wayneh9026@....

I did refresh to the new ASCOM version but didn’t run into that issue. I’m not familiar with CDC.  

With respect to support, there are a couple ways. The AP guys do a good job of monitoring the forum and other users often can help too. This often works during off hours. You can also call AP directly and get help during their working hours. Ray Gralak is the author of both APCC and the ASCOM driver and also frequents this forum. I see he’s on this morning.

The Daytime Polar Alignment is great and especially easy with the Mach 2. Don’t need APCC, can even do it with the keypad once we have those. Roughly point the mount north. Go to Park 5 and with a carpenter’s level on the scope, use the Altitude adjustment to bring the scope to level. Do a goto a bright object (Sun, moon, bright star or planet. With a wide field eyepiece or camera, adjust the azimuth to bring the object to as close as possible to the center of the FoV. That generally gets you close to be able to goto objects and refine PA later using other techniques. 

A couple tips I’ve found useful. Start with the azimuth adjuster centered. With the Eagle pier, I also center the mount attachment knobs in the attachment slots on the pier. For initial adjustment, loosen those knobs and rotate the the mount on the pier to center the object. Save the azimuth adjuster for fine adjustment. Also make sure you start with the telescope in focus, or you know where focus is! It’s hard to spot a bright star or planet in the daytime when you’re having to play with the focus. Trust me I’ve been there! I did this routine last night with the Moon, which was hiding and emerging from clouds and got what I think is a pretty good start. 


I’m hoping it will clear up enough to try my Polemaster tonight, which is also new to me. 

Clear skies!


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