Terri Zittritsch

Hi Wayne, you are free to e-mail me directly as well, I'm theresamarie11@....     Might be good to compare notes.   I haven't figured out how to do a polar alignment during the day yet.  Is that a feature of APCC?    

Also curious if you installed the 5.30.08 V2 driver?  I did my day one testing with 5.30.7 which went fine and yesterday installed 5.30.8.    I saw some strange behavior where Cartes du Ciel thought the mount pointing around Deneb when it was clearly pointing at the pole.   The V2 driver coordinates were consistent with where it was pointing in cartes du ciel, but the mount was in a park 3 orientation (pointing at pole).   I did various resets, restarts to no avail, the driver coordinates would not align to where the mount was pointing.     So I uninstalled the 5.30.8 and reinstalled the 5.30.7, which did nothing.   But given some of my experience with ascom and how it may store things, I went to the telescope selection screen in cartes du ciel and selected EQmod (to presumably force a refresh of wherever ascom puts the code) then then re-loaded the V2 driver and this seemed to do the trick and all was back to normal.

At this point, not sure if this was an issue with the 5.30.8, or even the way I updated the driver (which was error free).  I'll stick with 5.30.7 for now until I get some clarification.   I also need to figure out how to report such things formally.   I'm sure a totally new mount will have a few glitches.


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