Re: Encoder Differences between Mach2 and AP1100

Wayne Hixson

I already live that feature in the Mach2 even though I’ll I’ve done is set it up a couple times. Now I won’t hesitate to fine-tune my balance or manually move the scope to find something quickly. Or just to hand-tighten the clutch knobs to protect equipment in case of hung cables or pier collision. 

Speaking of that, will encoders enable detection of slipping clutches?


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The encoders are basically the same, but they are not attached in the same place on the 1100 vs the Mach2. On the 1100 the encoders are part of the worm wheel, and since that wheel never moves manually when the clutches are released, the 1100 mount will not keep track of manual movements with clutches loose.
The Mach2 has the encoders on the axes shafts which do move when the cotches are loose, and therefore the encoders will read the position of the scope whether the clutch is loose or fully tightened.
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I was curious for anyone familiar with the AP1100with AE. Does that mount allow you to move the axes by hand and not lose position as with the Mach2? My friend that bought the 1100 was asking. 

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