Re: Notified!😍 #mach2gto #Mach2GTO

Terri Zittritsch

Thanks guys, I have received the mount and it’s all together and up and running.    I’ve installed the v2 ascom driver and gotten that working with cartes du ciel.   This was all pretty fast and no troubles.   I use EQMOD so it’s all pretty similar.  I’ve yet to try SGP but expect that will work fine.  

I followed the setup instructions for the v2 driver which made that all pretty simple.  

Where things get a bit confusing is with the APCC setup.   I’ve read Ray’s instructions for APCC after having already installed And setup the V2 driver and think they imply a different setup of the v2 driver with virtual ports instead of the com port I used with the built in FTDI chip In the GTOCP5.   I’m sure it’s not  a huge deal to resolve, it’s just confusing.   Right now I’m thinking my first outside work will be with the V2 driver and SGPro and just seeing how well it tracks and runs.   Given I use an ASI 1600 cmos camera my exposures are typically 5 minutes or less.  

Besides the pointing model aspect of APCC/APPM I’m not very clear on what this software does for the user, but I’ve only read the setup so far so need to dive into it more.    

In general the mount is very solid and has zero play that I can feel, so it exudes quality craftsmanship.
The counterweight bar is heavy and balances my stowaway, without a weight, when it has no accessories or imaging setup.    I’m wondering if I need a 5 lb weight to tune the balance for the light scopes.   So far I have only purchased heavier weights.  

So far, very happy with what I have, the real smiles will come when I can experience very good tracking.  I just need some cooperative weather now.


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