Azimiuth Display around Park Altitude = 0

Stacey Mills

I just updated to the newest version of APCC and the driver.  I park at Park-2, which is basically azimuth=90, altitude=0.  When parked the altitude sometimes dithers a few arcseconds.  With the new update I've noticed that when the altitude dithers to a very small negative value (just a few arcsecs less than zero), the azimuth display jumps from 90 to 270.  I don't recall seeing this before the upgrade.  Because of the weather, I haven't see whether this has any effect on the dome slaving when the dome is sitting open at startup (cool down), the scope is at 90/0 and the dome is slaved to the scope.  I hope doesn't try to do a 180 with each dither.  

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