Airline Travel

Dave Newbury

Hi Folks,
Have a question about airline travel with mounts and tripods. The Mach1 was advertised as airline friendly. Given that the Mach2 is heavier, would it still qualify as 'airline friendly'?

If so, what issues should I consider when traveling by plane (ie. to star parties)?  Presumably would need a good case with wheels - one which fits standard airline checked-bag size/weight limits (for some airlines: 50lbs and 62" linear dimension). Lightest possible tripod also in a case I guess would be prudent...

Traveling by vehicle is just not an option for me from my location. And I would be traveling across borders so shipping ahead of time is probably not a viable option for me (cost/hassle wise). OTA would probably come with me as carry-on.

Appreciate any other considerations or tips.


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