Re: Advice for loading large scope on mount

Roland Christen

I point the mount so that the saddle is pointing to the zenith (straight up) with half of the counterweights attached and clutches firmly locked. Counterweight shaft will be horizontal. I place a small table next to the saddle and lift the scope up onto the table, pointing straight up. Then I simply push the scope straight into the dovetail and lock it in place. Then I add the rest of the counterweights to get it somewhat balanced and pull the table out from under the scope tube. Finally I finish balancing and I am ready to go.
I have used this technique to load my 17" astrograph and can do it as a 1 person (me) setup, no problem. I demonstrated it at NEAF a couple of years ago.

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I’ve had only refractors no larger than my 130GTX ever. I now have a 12.5” iDK that weights approximately 43 lbs. I loaded it my AP1100 exactly twice before I sold that mount 6 months ago. It was difficult not so much as the weight but the awkward shape and the difficulty of seeing what I was doing.

Now that I’ll have a mount again I’m looking for advice on loading and unloading by myself if another person isn’t available. One issue was that the 1100 was very high (42” pier) and I’ll likely have my Mach2 on an Eagle at about 32/34”. I was thinking in Park 3 I’d be behind the scope so I would break its fall 😅. 


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