Re: Some Recent Wide Field Galaxy Images With My Trusty AP900

Dean Jacobsen

Thanks for taking a look Geof.

I used to have a 2005 AP1200GTO CP3.  It was a super mount.  Worked perfectly every time.

Back in those days I used to be mobile with my imaging rig and everything went into the back of my Ford F-350 4WD truck.  The tailgate when lowered is about 38" off the ground.  As the years went by, the 1200 got to be more and more of a chore to load, then unload at the site, then load, and then unload after I got home.  ;-)  [I used to be able to hop up on the tailgate.  I can't do that any more.]  So about 7 years ago I traded it to the original owner of my 900 who wanted to move up to a mount with a higher capacity.  He is still using the 1200.

The Mach2 is about 15 pounds lighter than the assembled AP900.

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