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As you probably know you must set the hand controller to 1 or .5 to
calibrate. You can set the hand controller to 1 for calibration and then set
it to .5 to track. It also works at .5 and .25. If you left your hand
controller to 12X or 600X etc this may be why it is moving off the chip or
if your polar alignment is bad.
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This may be one for the SBIGUSER list, but here goes. I tried
calibrating my ST7 self-guider chip for my new AP-400 and ran into a
problem. During the calibration process, the calibration star
consistently moved off the chip meaning that I could not calibrate.
I tried a number of calibration settings, but not seemed to work
Things were pretty well balanced before I attempted calibration and
polar alignment seemed pretty good. I made sure the ST7 was lined up
with the RA axis per SBIG's recommendation.

I had previously used my ST7 with an LX-200 and had no difficulty
self-guiding. Obviously the AP is a different mount and requires
different ST7 settings. I did not get to spend much time working on
this, but thought I would post this to see if anyone as any


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