Re : [ap-gto] New APCC and ASCOM versions

Yves Laroche

Hi Marj,

I need to apologize...

I'm able to see the right link with Internet Explorer and with my Google phone application but not with my Google browser (computer) even in reloading the page with F5 and/or Ctrl-F5.  I needed to clear the cache completely to be able to see the new web page...very strange!!!


Le 02/03/20 08:54, Yves Laroche <yves.laroche@...> a écrit :
Hi Marj,

The next page is still referring to the older version of APCC.

Now you are ready to download APCC:
APCC Standard (open link in new tab to download software)
APCC Pro (open link in new tab to download software)

Hope this help.


Le 02/03/20 03:09, Marj Christen <marj@...> a écrit :

The download page for the newest versions of APCC has been uploaded with the correct links. I apologize for the confusion regarding the version numbers on the webpage a couple of days ago.


Important: you must install the newest version of the ASCOM V2 driver v5.30.07 from


Note that a new safety park feature requires CP4 version P02-02 or later. This version is not quite ready for release for the CP4.  We are presently testing it. This feature is functional for the GTOCP5 that is used exclusively by the Mach2.


Have fun!


Clear Skies,


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