Re: APCC v1.8.0.2/3 Standard and Pro available for download (WAS: Re : [ap-gto] APCC Pro version

Yves Laroche

Hi Ray,

You might think that I was a little bit confused yesterday...

I was at the observatory in doing updates and found that the ASCOM driver had an update (popup message) so updated the driver.  Check also with APCC just in case but nothing.  Decided to visit the Astro-Physics web site and saw that there was an APCC update ( but unable to download and let you know on this forum.  I was able to download later on (popup message) but was intrigued why you never sent a message to this group as usual.

From one of your answer to Bill Long today I noticed the previous post he sent you about the message titled APCC v1.8.0.2/3 Standard and Pro available for download.

I never received a post titled APCC v1.8.0.2/3 Standard and Pro available for download.until today so was more confused.

In login to I just saw what was the problem.  Yesterday, I never received messages that was written from you even from Bill Long so never knew that ASCOM/APCC were updated.

Here are the messages that were never sent to me from Bill Long

It's very weird that filtered out message from you.  Just let you know...

Best regards,

Le 29/02/20 20:07, Yves Laroche <yves.laroche@...> a écrit :
Tonight my beta version of APCC detects version 

Thanks Ray !!!


Le 29/02/20 16:36, Yves Laroche <yves.laroche@...> a écrit :
Hi Marj, Roland, Ray,

The Astro-Physics web site is referring to APCC version (February 27, 2020) but linked to APCC

My beta version didn't detect the update...


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