Re: Recommendation for Observatory PC

Joe Zeglinski

    Here is a shot of my rig – the AP-1200 and RCOS  truss scope are covered up, inside my own  “climate controlled” nylon tarp (porch swing cover, actually). Gives a good view of the “beverage table” I use for portability. Laptop well protected but easily usable,  inside its LapDome. You can even keep a few reference charts and papers inside, with it – as well as keeping your eyepieces dew free and warmed by the laptop exhaust fan, until you choose another one, from your kit.
Joe Z.

From: Brian Valente
Sent: Wednesday, February 26, 2020 10:50 PM
Subject: Re: [ap-gto] Recommendation for Observatory PC
>>>  Of course, many astronomers have just used a plastic bucket or cardboard box

lol !!

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