Re: Mach 1 not connecting

Suresh Mohan

It’s been happening since a week , somehow i first connect to phd and then all else connects . Try to re start ur laptop

On 25-Feb-2020, at 11:37 AM, Bill Long <bill@...> wrote:

I should add for the community that this sounds like a problem with user context in Windows. Meaning, you have something running in admin mode and standard user mode. At any rate it isnt hard to fix.

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You are welcome to call me and I can help. Hit me offline from the list at bill@... and if you have TeamViewer or AnyDesk I can help you solve it. 

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Subject: [ap-gto] Mach 1 not connecting
I had an odd experience tonight.  My Mach 1 just disconnected for some unknown reason and I cannot get it connected again.  The light is showing red.  I tried connecting through both SkyX and Maxim to no avail.  Shut down and restarted computer soft and hard as well as disconnecting all cables when doing it and unplugging power from mount.  Nothing.  ASCOM just spins and shows 12:00 and no connection.  ASCOM is up to date.  Any other ideas would be helpful.  

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