Re: Apparent loss of tracking after dither command

Suresh Mohan

Roland !!,
        Nice to know you use phd 2 for guiding , it’s a vastly improved one now . The only other I’ve used is maxim dl however the former is more user friendly 

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It appears that RA is oscillating quite a bit. Possible reasons:

1) wrong calibration values - highly likely
2) mount is not balanced in RA - somewhat likely

Unfortunately your graph doesn't show the guide corrections which might help determining the cause. I would run Guide Assistant, there is a lot of information generated which will help you in your settings. The RA axis should not oscillate, unless the calibration values are way wrong for that part of the sky. It's happened to me when I fed the wrong focal length and pixel scale info to the guide program and had wild oscillations that did not go away until i reduced the aggressiveness to 10%. That was the clue that I had entered something wrong.


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There were problems with retaining the guide scar, although guiding had been working for quite a while. In any case I expect that the mount would keep tracking, but that did fail. When I turned off dither and recentered with a plate solve things were ok.

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