Re: Apparent loss of tracking after dither command

Dale Ghent

It’s hard to say what happened with such a superficial description. Did PHD2 start complaining about the loss of lock on the guide star? It would have been flashing its UI and displaying a warning to that effect. Did prior dither operations succeed? Usually one dithers every 1 to 5, at most, exposures so there should have been a few dithers happening somewhere in between those prior shots... dithers that I presume went off without a hitch?

The key and basic thing to know here is whether PHD2 lost its guide star or not, an event that it gripes loudly about. 

On Feb 24, 2020, at 02:58, Peter Bresler via Groups.Io <PABresler@...> wrote:

I was shooting with SGP and PHD2; things seemed to be going well for about 18 4 minute exposures. I had selected "dither" for PHD2. On the 19th shot after the dither signal the mount started drifting badly and I had to stop the sequence. Same thing happened again when I restarted, but after I recentered and unchecked dither things went well again with good guiding. What is going on?

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