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Woody Schlom



The way a couple of manufacturers explained it to me, most decent cameras and accessories have built-in voltage protection (usually up to 13.8v) so you don’t blow them up by giving them too high voltage.  HOWEVER, the way they shunt the excess voltage is by converting it into heat.  And heat is NOT a camera’s best friend.


I also asked Optec what voltage their equipment (focus controller in my case) wanted.  And the answer was about the same.  It can take up to 13.8v, but it likes 12.2 – 12.4 best.


So I tested a bunch of the factory power supplies that came with cameras and other astro equipment I have – and they almost all measured between 12.20 – 12.40v DC.


In fact, from what I’ve read and personally experienced, it seems that only mounts like higher voltage than 12.4v.




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I use the fixed voltage Powerwerx AC box, and it puts out 14.1v although when I have it fully loaded up it drops to nominal 13.8v rather easily. I have yet to have a single piece of gear have any issue with it. 


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I had an almost new Pyramid blow up on me.  My old one never gave me problems, but it’s now an emergency spare. 


I’ve switched to PowerWerx.  I have one of each – a fixed voltage one and a variable one.  The fixed voltage one puts out too high a voltage (somewhere around 14v as I recall) for most cameras, so I always use it with a Buck/Boost transformer adjusted to 12.3v.  For the mount (Mach1), I give it 14v – 18v – higher voltage in the Winter.




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Uncle Rollo: I see that you no longer carry the Pyramid power supply.  I've had one for 10 yrs, and it has operated perfectly.  But I'm interested at the change to your product lineup.  

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