Re: Mach2 Update?

Woody Schlom

Funny, I was wondering the same thing.  I’m the one who needs the extended temp. specs.  When it gets down to 15° you will NOT find me out with my Mach1.  And lower than 15°?  NO WAY.  That’s just plain not fun.


I recall that when I had one of my Celestron mounts being repaired in Torrance, the engineer asked me if I’d be using the mount much below freezing.  If so, he’d adjust it differently.  Not only did I say no, but HELL NO!


Oh well, I’m the first to admit that I’ve become a wimp in my old-age.




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Dean, why did you select extended temp encoders?  I live in Anza (Riv. Co., CA) at about 4,000 ft (i.e., higher than TDS), and the coldest we've experience during our eight years here is two successive nights of 15 deg F.  My stock Mach1GTO hasn't noticed the cold.

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