Re: Keypad Double Star Catalog

thefamily90 Phillips

The Cambridge double star atlas, first edition by James Mullaney lists 2,000+ double stars

The Cambridge double star atlas, second edition by Bruce MacEvoy lists 2500 binary stars BUT leaves out any doubles not truly binary which means leaving out some Showpiece Doubles.

My bias would be the first edition by Mullvany, as it is an atlas of Double Stars.

If you would prefer an atlas of Binary Stars then the second edition by MacEvoy.

If you could combine both, then great.


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New double star catalogues would be awesome.  The 2 I use the most to find double stars are the Bayer Stars and Flamsteed Stars.  Some of the Bayer Stars are already easy to find on the keypad but if I recall the list is not complete.  Thanks so much for doing this!

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