Re: PEMProV3 error message

steven ho

Two things....
There is no way to make the PDF file available, I converted the PDF to a "picture" so it could be posted.
I could put a button to forward them to our website where they could get the PDF (but the website is not working yet).
In other words they cannot "easily" print off the form to mail in.

Second, we could pay $5 to have facebook promote the event to 500 people in the state of NY (nothing more local than that).

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Subject: Re: [ap-gto] PEMProV3 error message

>    "Failure to write mount definitions: Access to path is denied"

You might want to check permissions on the folders you mention. Here is a link to some other things to try:

-Ray Gralak
Author of APCC (Astro-Physics Command Center):
Author of PEMPro V3:
Author of Astro-Physics V2 ASCOM Driver:

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> Subject: [ap-gto] PEMProV3 error message
> Ray,
> I've used PEMProV3 from with APCC Pro in the past without difficulty but now am encountering an error message
> when attempting to access the CCDWare website, check for updates, etc from within APCC Pro/PEMProV3:
>    "Unable to open browser: access to path "C:\Users\Documents\CCDWare\PEMProV3\temp.htm" is denied
> Also, when I attempt to acquire data, set the image scale, etc, I encounter this error message:
>    "Failure to write mount definitions: Access to path is denied"
> My guess is that a configuration has changed somewhere in Windows 10 -- any suggestions to remedy are
> welcome.
> Thanks,
> Ted

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