Erratic parking of the mount

Bruce Donzanti

In my permanent setup,  I use SkySafari 6 Pro as my planetarium program to slew my AP1100 with no issues (connected to the GTOCP4 via RS232).  It parks and unparks from position 4 with no issues.  I also use PHD2 for guiding by linking it as required to the mount to my capture and live viewing software (SGPro or SharpCap) which are connected to mount via USB with no issues.  However, I have had random problems with shutting down the system.  I first park the scope using SkySafari 6 Pro and then close PHD2 followed by the capture software.  Usually, this is fine but every now and then I noticed the scope does not park in position 4 exactly as it should (i.e., the RA axis is slightly off level).  I can't seem to figure out what is the cause as it is very infrequent but annoying as it misaligns the scope for the next time I startup Skysafari 6 Pro to slew to an object (i.e., the mount is lost and I need to realign).  Any thoughts as to what is going on?  Is my shutdown sequence wrong?


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