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Bill Long

Correct, there is no need to as the encoders correct for RA PE. Among other things, of course. 

If anyone here wants live eyes on their PEMPro runs for PE Correction I am more than happy to TeamView in and help out. I have probably done that about a good 50 times for CN members. 🙂 

The encoder kit, by the way, is worth the money. For reasons other than just RA PE. 

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Bill do i assume correctly that since you added the encoders you don't do PEC anymore?

On Mon, Feb 3, 2020 at 9:32 PM Bill Long <bill@...> wrote:
Agree with Ray here, post the data collection. Its a text file. I may have a few of my old runs I did before I bought the encoder kit I can share so you can see the pre and post data done accurately. I will look around and see if I archived those anywhere. 

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Hi Mike,

> My mistake; sorry. I collected data with PEC OFF last night. Everything
> I wrote after that is correct.

Your screen shot shows PEC enabled which is confusing.

Instead of posting screen shots you need to post your log file with PEC disabled. Loading a PEC curve with a flat line is NOT going to do anything to improve the PE in your mount.

-Ray Gralak
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> On 2/3/2020 9:50 PM, Brian Valente wrote:
> >  >>> I downloaded the PEMPro trial, and last night collected data with
> > PEC ON in my AP1200 GTO3 with the V-chip.
> >
> > mike, if i understand this correctly that you are building a new PEC,
> > you need to collect data with PEC off. then you create the curve, upload
> > it, and check the results with PEC on.
> My mistake; sorry. I collected data with PEC OFF last night. Everything
> I wrote after that is correct.
> --- Mike


Brian Valente

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