PEC question

Mike Dodd

In preparation for considering APCC Pro with a goal of unguided imaging, I downloaded the PEMPro trial, and last night collected data with PEC ON in my AP1200 GTO3 with the V-chip.

Tonight I used that data to generate a PEC curve, and loaded it into the mount. Then I collected 30 minutes of tracking data with PEC ON.

But I'm puzzled. As I was collecting data, the graph looked very much like the PEC OFF graph from the night before. I sort-expected a relatively straight line. Ive attached a screen shot of the data-collection graph. Hope it comes through.

Not to be deterred, I continued in PEMPro, and generated a PEC curve and then a PE curve. I was surprised to see a flat line on both curves! A screen shot of the PE curve is attached.This tells me that PEC appears to be canceling the mount's PE curve.

But why was the PEC ON data-collection graph so wild? What am I missing? Is the PE curve sent to the mount really correcting the PE?

Thanks for all insights and guidance. I want to be sure I can program a real PE curve into the mount before I dive into APCC.

--- Mike

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