Re: The Jewel Box in Crux

Don Anderson

Super Geoff!

Don Anderson

On Monday, February 3, 2020, 07:27:48 p.m. MST, Geoff Smith <ghsmith45@...> wrote:

Something to do at 3am when it's too late to start anything needing a long exposure and too early to call it a night..

Acquisition details hereĀ https://www.astrobin...7kdc/0/?nc=user

Bigger version hereĀ https://www.astrobin.../full/hr7kdc/0/

Taken with a 12" Plane Wave on an AP900 mount with an FLI 16803 Proline. Total exposure was 1 hour through R, G and B Filters. Processed in PixInsight. Cropped.

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