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Mark Jenkins <markj@...>

I have a 90AH deep cycle battery and man is it heavy! I plan on using this
for just the 400GTO. I want to get a 100-140AH deep cycle for Laptop, CCD
and Dew heater. The 100-140's are even heavier!

I found a nice solution to this bulky problem at Lowe's this last weekend.
It is a heavy duty large, black "tool box" on wheels. It has a metal handle
with a rubber comfort grip that slides into the box when not in use. I plan
on dedicating 1/2 of the bottom to power. I will have various outlets and
switches on the side of the box to accommodate several 12v DC, 2 to 4 120v
AC and of course a master switch for each circuit as well as a charger
hook-up. A self-contained, rolling power source that will be able to be
charged at any standard 110/120 household outlet. The rest of the box will
be foam lined and used to carry all the other equipment including the mount.

It also has a pull out top "tool carrier" that I plan on lining with foam
and utilizing as a potential eyepiece holder. The only downside to the top
carrier is its color. Yellow I will probably paint it black or red.

The top is flat and will make a nice table for star charts, red gooseneck
lights etc. It is really only limited to one's imagination what can be made
from this box.

It about $40-$50 if I remember correctly.

Nebraska bound I am!

Clear Skies!

Mark Jenkins

on 6/27/00 9:36 PM, rck at rkuberek@... wrote:

Terry and group,

This is exactly what I do--two batteries, one 60AH deep cycle just for the
scope and one 100AH deep cycle for PC and Camera. Putting a dew
heater together with the scope on one battery (large or small) is just too
much. With just the dew heater (on the large battery) I get around 12.25
volts, but when I add the scope I get only around 11.75 volts and the keypad
freezes on GOTO often.

Bob K.

Terry Johnson wrote:

I am thinking of getting a smaller battery to power the AP control box and a
larger one to power PC, CCD, Dew System, Inverter,
television, air conditioner, espresso bar, heating blanket, ice maker, and so

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