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Roland Christen

Park1 points to the north horizon with scope on the west side. Park 5 points to the northern horizon with scope on the east side of the mount. Both parks are correct. If you unpark the mount from Park1 and begin tracking sidereal, in a few seconds the mount will be in a counterweight up position, which you may not realize. So if you then go inside to have dinner, and forget that the mount is running and go to bed, at some point, perhaps a couple hours later, the scope may be up against the pier and the mount is stalled. With Park5, it takes 12 hours of tracking before you get counterweight up position, so there's plenty of room for error.


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Ray, I had read somewhere that the Park5 was planned to replace the Park1 which was not always correct.
but at the sight of the documentation I do not understand too much the interest of this park5 which is rather the park4 upside down.
I made my room with the target of park1 which also works well at home and therefore park 4 or park5 is kif-kif as far as I am concerned. I think that with the mach2 all the parks should work perfectly and even that we can choose our own park.

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