Mach2 Modelling question

Max Mirot

I know Mach2 will have a new modelling method. 
My understanding is that it will measure drift along the objects path and then apply corrections as the mount moves through the new sky positions.

Sounds similar to the method I used on my ASA DDM85 mount.
This is great method for unguided tracking.
It will works very well for portable users since it does not require a standard model.

I found real benefit using this function along with the standard model in my permanent observatory.

My questions are

1) Will the new method be and added to APCC or is it only keypad function for the Mach2 ?

2) My only complaint with ASA method was that it only worked their automation software.
It could not be used with other automation packages such as Voyager, SGP, CCD autopilot , etc.
Is there a chance you will add this function to APCC so it can work with automation programs using the other mounts, 1100 and 1600?


Max Mirot

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