Re: : [ap-gto] Park 1

Don Anderson

You can use Park 1 if you keep the keypad time synchronized with the computer time. You do this by going to the ASCOM driver and selecting the checkbox "Sync Mount to PC Time". After that, you go to your keypad and go to Setup/1. Location & Time/3. Get Time and Location from Mount". This will synchronize the keypad clock with the CPX controller clock so that Park 1 will work reliably. You need to do this regularly since the keypad clock will drift beyond the 10 second difference that Roland mentioned that can cause an error.

Don Anderson

On Saturday, February 1, 2020, 07:08:18 p.m. MST, CurtisC via Groups.Io <calypte@...> wrote:

Thank you, Ray.  Then is there a way to adjust the keypad's date & time to be exact?  Judging by the workflow guide, Park 5 is the result I get when I ask the keypad for Park 1.

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