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Don Anderson

Hello Suresh
If your mount works fine with the 12V battery only, I suspect there is nothing wrong with the CP3 controller or the power cable connector where it attaches to the controller. One thing you should check is to see if your inverter is putting out enough current to supply all the devices connected to it. If you have a laptop, heaters mount and camera(s) connected. You may be short of capacity. What could be happening is as soon as you slew the mount, the extra current draw may drop the voltage at the controller below the allowable limit.

Don Anderson

On Saturday, February 1, 2020, 03:32:50 p.m. MST, Suresh Mohan <drsureshmohan@...> wrote:

One last thing I’m gonna teat at dawn , I also carry a car inverter , I might want to try slewing the mount thro that just to make sure that it’s only only the field inverter that s giving a problem

On 02-Feb-2020, at 3:55 AM, Suresh Mohan via Groups.Io <drsureshmohan@...> wrote:

 Dear friends ,
     In india we only have 220 volts instead of110 v in the us . At home I have a 220 v ac to 12 v dc adapter 5 amp that runs my mount fine . Out in the field I need aninverter  to give out 220 v to run my laptop , since I have the ac wall adapter for the mount  I ran that too - but my mount stalled ( only in the field via inverter to dc conversion ). I assumed that has something to do with powering a servo motor that works fine when fixed to a wall ac socket via dc converter )
Sorry if I had not been clear - it’s  4 am here
Regards and thanks my friends for responding 

On 02-Feb-2020, at 12:03 AM, Steven Panish <scpanish@...> wrote:

Yes.  That is what the inverter is for, tto supply AC power from a DC battery.  But if you already have a battery supplying 12V DC, you don't need to use the inverter and an AC->DC power supply to drive a mount that wants 12V dc.  You can run the mount directly off the battery.  But to be safe, you can regulate the power out of the battery with a DC to DC regulator, and you should fuse this with the recommended fuse.  Using the inverter in the loop makes the whole thing very inefficient power wise.


On Sat, Feb 1, 2020 at 1:27 PM Ron Kramer <ronkramer1957@...> wrote:
Wouldn't plugging the AC/DC adapter (power supply for the mount) into an inverter be DC and fine? Mine is pure sine wave version.

On Sat, Feb 1, 2020 at 1:22 PM Steven Panish <scpanish@...> wrote:
Suresh - Do not run the mount off the inverter!!!  The mount needs DC.  The inverter puts out AC.  

Sine wave means the output of the inverter does a good job of digitally simulating analog AC power.  Some inverters put out square wave power, which is lousy but ok for some devices.



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