Re: Mach2 Update?

Bill Long

I've heard this before, and it's just whining. Products are ready when they are ready. 

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Subject: Re: [ap-gto] Mach2 Update?
A-P has it very good with its customers.  I'm of the opinion that consumers should set the bar for suppliers, so will never be a fan-atic.   There are products I really like, and will say so, but it doesn't keep me from sharing an honest opinion when something isn't right.  There is no question A-P makes quality products, but then that's what we're paying for.   After all of the ala carte purchases, it'll cost about 6X my current mount.   After hearing in Sept that deliveries were in November, I purchased the remainder of my accessories, weights, tripod, etc, expecting a right-around-the-corner delivery.    So I remain disappointed with the lack of communications.   Customer support starts with the sales experience, and i ask my dealer about once a month, for a delivery update since early fall.  Most recently they have claim they're not getting responses.   I have planned 10d astronomy trip in 2 weeks and need to start packing up my old mount now.   I have no doubt the mach2 will be a nice mount, but I'm perplexed with the lack of any communications.

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