Re: GTO CP3 V-chip post-installation qauestions

Mike Dodd

On 2/1/2020 1:27 PM, Ray Gralak wrote:
Hi Mike,

(3a) In the ASCOM driver, how do I "give the servo a full
You do this by unparking from any of the park positions (instead of
unparking from last parked position). Of course you want to make sure
that the mount is physically in that position. I recommend unparking
from Park 3 then slew+recal using a known star or a plate solve.
Perfect. I like Park 1 vs. Park 3 because I can use a machinist's level to get the scope and CW shaft perfectly level.

In the past I've used the keypad to Resume from Ref Park 3. When I slew to a star in SkyX, it's always on the camera's chip, so only minor taps on the ASCOM driver's arrow keys are needed to bring it to the center (MaxIm's crosshairs turned on). Then I calibrate in SkyX.

After installing the V-chip, I'll do the same thing, but this time I'll use the ASCOM driver instead of the keypad to unpark from Park 1. And SkyX to slew to the star and calibrate.

Thanks, Ray.

--- Mike

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