Re : [ap-gto] Park 1

Yves Laroche

Hi Curtis,

Did your keypad time and daylight settings are ok?

BTW, keypad firmware version 4.19.3 includes the Park 4 position.

Best regards,

Le 30/01/20 19:17, "CurtisC via Groups.Io" <calypte@...> a écrit :
I guess I need a refresher on Park 1.  My CCD camera has died (herringbone pattern in all images).  I decided to use my TEC 140/Mach1GTO for visual observing while I await resolution of my camera issues.  I haven't used the scope for visual for probably five years.  Since the keypad doesn't include Park 4, I told it to go to Park 1.  The scope went the the east side of the mount, not the west side as I had expected.  I know there's a timing issue where the scope may decide that it has crossed the meridian and will park on the other side of the mount.  So I told it to go to Park 3 (which worked correctly), and then I told it to go immediately to Park 1.  No joy.  The scope went to the east side of the mount.  I'll live with it if regular go-tos work correctly, but I can't verify that right now.  How do I get the scope to execute Park 1 correctly?

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