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Mike Shade

ACP will control the flip, screwing around in another program is not going to do anything as Ray has offered.  I also run ACP and it will anticipate a "safety zone" for a GEM, based on altitude and image exposure length so that there are no mishaps with equipment hitting anything tracking past the meridian.  There might be a way to optimize this in ACP, that would be a question best posed on the ACP user's group, or for Bob Denny directly.  This does not seem an AP concern but an ACP concern.  ACP controls your system.


Look in ACP's help for meridian flipping.


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Thanks Ray, so you would agree that if I make East limits (to the left of the meridian) possibly with ACP the system will start tracking a target with the weights up pointed slightly to the East of the meridian and this avoid my little waits for a pier flip before  starting imaging. 

I think I see these anticipated flips more the others maybe because I have ACP optimized to favor high altitude targets due to my light pollution. 

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