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Mike ,

You can download and run APCC for 30 day trial. See here


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I went dark in 2010 prior to building a new house, and my new observatory with an AP1200 became operational only a year ago, so I'm not familiar with APCC.

I spoke with George on Friday, and he told me good things about APCC Pro, and Colin on the ACP support forum wrote that he routinely does unguided imaging with a 550mm OTA.

As I understand it, APCC Pro builds a pointing/tracking model for the mount after running at least 50 mapping points on each side of meridian.
And the result is that the mount will point and track very accurately.

I looked on the AP website at <> and read the meager information there, but I couldn't find any user manual or details about how APCC works or how to use it, so I have questions:

1. Is there an APCC user manual I can download?

2. How does APCC interact with the AP1200 ASCOM driver? Does APCC replace the driver?

3. Does APCC run continuously, and send movement commands to the mount?

4. I use ASCOM Direct to communicate with my ST-402 guide camera.
Assuming I want to guide with APCC, will MaxIm still connect with the mount if APCC is active?

5. The APCC Web page says APCC acts at a hub so other apps can simultaneously connect to the mount. Currently ACP acts as a hub, and XkyX and MaxIm connect to the mount through the ACP hub. How would this change with APCC?

Thanks for all information and clarification. I think APCC would benefit my observatory, but I'm just not clear how, and what would be involved to make it happen.


Mike Dodd
Louisa County, Virginia USA

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