Re: Early meridian flip using APCC and SGP

Geof Lewis

I don't have APCC, but I do use SGP and I can set either positive or negative values in the Meridian Delay setting of the V2 driver, which SGP then uses to either advance or delay the meridian flip, so maybe try that. It's something that you can test during the day, just to see how the mount slews with different settings.
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On 23 Jan 2020, at 11:54, John Kazanas <johnkazanas@...> wrote:

Hi everyone,

Know this has question been asked before, but noticed that late last year the latest version of APCC allowed a negative meridian flip to be passed to SGP

Can someone briefly explain how I do that in APCC? - e.g. if I want to get APCC to tell SGP to flip the mount 1 hour before the object I am imaging has reached the meridian?

"APCC - Meridian Limits - Allow a negative meridian flip point to be passed to Sequence Generator Pro.Nov 30, 2019"

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