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Thanks for the further clarification.  Can all the above features offered by the new handset version be used in conjunction with a computer guiding a Mach1/CP4 rig with PHD2?


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The models that we are working on (not the APCC APPM model) will be stored in the CP4/5. The keypad is simply a way to do the modeling routine. It stores nothing but gives you the GUI or instruction to complete a model. It basically guides you thru the steps to create the model. There are 2 different models depending on what equipment you have and what your goals are.

The CP4/5 stores the points, up to 64 per side, and does the calculations for pointing and tracking. It is a simplified version of a pointing/tracking model and will not tell you how far off your polar alignment is. It simply compensates for pointing errors and adjusts tracking in both axes with the polar alignment that you have.

This simple model is intended for keypad users. If you don't have a keypad and want more extensive modeling, we have APPC - APPM which has automatic image acquisition where you turn it on and come back in 30 minutes and have your model done automatically.  The keypad version of the pointing/tracking model requires hands-on operation. You physically click on stars in your planetarium program, acquire the image of the star, center it and manually enter that point via the keypad. You can also use a crosshair eyepiece for centering, but some kind of planetarium app (perhaps on your smart phone) is needed to choose the stars for your pointing/tracking model.

In the case where you do not have a planetarium program handy to create these star points, and you just want to do unguided perfect tracking, we have a tracking model (no pointing). This model maps the drift along the object's path that you want to image. You only need to measure the actual drift at 3 or 4 points along the image's path in order for the CP4/5 to calculate the exact custom RA and Dec rates that will produce perfect or near-perfect tracking along the entire path over the course of the night. I have tested this model extensively and it works very well. Unguided imaging with my encoder mounts is very accurate and appears to be as good or better than guiding for the same exposure times (between 5 and 15 minutes).

We also have a third routine that measures your scope's orthogonal error and compensates for it when flipping sides.

I hope I have answered your questions and not confused things further.


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Are the models stored in the keypad or the GTOCPx? 

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