Re: Changing Counter weight and pierside orientation

Roland Christen

Best way to always have the scope point correctly when you first get a mount is to send the mount to Park3. Then place the telescope into the rings, loosen the clutches, manually move the axes until the front of the telescope points toward the pole. Tighten the clutches. That's it, you are done.

Then I usually checkpark1, 2, 4, 5 to make sure that all parks are in the correct orientation. This is simply a first time double check that also will familiarize you with the actual orientations that your scope will swing thru. After that simply bring up a star or object and slew to it. Guaranteed to work properly if your time setting in your planetarium of keypad is correct. You will for sure bring the object very close to the center of your eyepiece/imaging camera.


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I am a new owner of a 1100AE. Off course,  my first RCal/sync put the counter weight up rather than down.  Otherwise, the scope was pointing correcting. Eventually, I was able to fix this but it required physical interaction with mount.
I could not any action to change counter weight position or pier side using the  APCC or AP driver. Does this feature exist?   It would be very helpful to use in this situation.



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